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I just thought I might post it here as well so everyone knows what I'm about! (and doesn't need to dig through the comment on the post :D - yeah I'm that considerate)

 Inky/Anne (whatever you prefer)
Age: almost 20 (like, next month)
Location: Germany
Pronouns: she/her, but they/them is also perfectly fine ^u^
Contact: TwitterTumblrAO3

Three random facts about me:
1. I might seem unorganised but I swear I have a system in everything
2. you can talk to me about ocs/original stories/universes 24/7
3. I might be a bit awkward when you talk to me at first but as soon as I warm up, I get more confident

Team: Shimizu Kiyoko/Yachi Hitoka from Haikyuu!!
Why I love this ship/fandom (if applicable): I can identify with Yachi in a lot of ways, then it's freaking adorable how big her crush on Kiyoko is, and they are one of the very few girl-ships that are available in HQ (they simply need more love imo.) They are so cute together and it's seriously one of the few ships in HQ that I actually am shipping highkey (plus the hq fandom is very friendly and peaceful so far)

Other Fandoms: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Harry Potter, free!, oofuri, Shingeki No Kyojin, Love Live! (actually more but the rest is more casual)
Other Ships:
hq - daisuga, iwaoi, matsuhana, tsukiyama, oisuga, ukatake, kenhina, (plus more because I'm multishipping trash)
gsnk - especially nozakura and mayumiko
free! - reigisa and seigou
snk - mikasasha, markasa, jeanmarco, eremarco, eremin,...
love live! - nozoeli (mainly)
Interests: I play cello, love reading, occassionally writing, and of course drawing (also I'm currently working on a webcomic - which you can find here btw)

Leave a message or image here!: Happy to meet you and good luck in the SASO 2016!!


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